5 Tools to 10X Your Twitter Followers

5 Tools to 10X Your Twitter Followers

May 14, 2023


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Towards August last year, one of the founders I worked with stumbled upon my old Twitter profile (It had a picture of a teenager and a bio about drinks, and basketball

He sent me a screenshot with an "Is this you" message. Instantly, I realized I needed to start building my Twitter personal brand ASAP.

Fast forward to today, I've gained millions of impressions and +30,000 followers on Twitter:

One of the most frequent questions I get asked by my audience is: What tools do you use to grow fast on Twitter?

Today, I will share with you my 7 no-code tools that will help you grow your Twitter followers:

Let's dive in ↓


1. Hypefury

Hypefury is a powerful tool that has the best value for money around. It will help you:

  • Schedule your tweets and threads.
  • Boost your tweets automatically.
  • Auto-promote your offers.

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2. Figma

You can use Figma for free to take care of your design needs, including:

  • Simple image editing.
  • Creating diagrams.
  • Thumbnails.

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3. Black Magic

This is a secret weapon in my arsenal, It's 100% focused on growth and it provides you with:

  • Detailed statistics on your account.
  • Performance of each Tweet.
  • A powerful engagement tool.

Use Black Magic for $0


4. Tribescaler

80% of success on Twitter is the Hook. Tribescaler is an AI tool that will help you:

  • Write viral hooks in seconds.
  • Get hook inspirations to go viral.

Try using it for FREE.


5. Beehiiv

Starting a newsletter has never been easier with Beehiiv.

it's a simple yet powerful tool to host your newsletter. I use Beehiiv to get my newsletter (Growth Tribe) to 8,000 subscribers in no time.

Start using Beehiiv for your newsletter for $0 and :

  • Get a landing page for your newsletter.
  • Publish your newsletter via web & email.
  • Track subscribers and send welcome emails.

Build your newsletter on Beehiiv for free

TLDR; 5 free no-code tools that will help you grow your Twitter audience: 

  1. Hypefury
  2. Figma
  3. Black Magic
  4. Tribescaler
  5. Beehiiv 



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