How to Write Copy That Sells

How to Write Copy That Sells

Jul 16, 2023


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If there is one skill that I wish I learned at school, it would be copywriting.

Why? It mixes in two of the most important human skills that ever came into existence: Writing + Psychology.


Today, I'm going to help you master a transversal copywriting formula, that you can use for almost everything (Newsletters, threads, emails, landing pages, and more).

Let's dive in ↓


#1 The Hook

Start with a sentence that piques your reader's curiosity.

Example: "How to Become The Best Version of Yourself".


#2 The Problem

Demonstrate the problem & how it makes your reader feel.

Example: "Do you feel uncomfortable selling yourself? Are you finding it too difficult to say no? Don’t know how to start improving your marketing skills?"


#3 The Story

Tell a story about you overcoming the same problem:

Example: "That’s exactly how I felt a couple of years back. Then I trained myself to be constantly on the lookout for People, ideas, & skills that would help others grow in life & business."


#4 Reveal the Solution

Describe how what you are offering (idea, product, or service) as part of the solution.

Example: "Learning about Personal Growth, made me happier, helped me create opportunities, and introduced me to some amazing people. Now I'm on a journey to help others to unlock their full growth potential."


#5 Stack Social Proof

Give reassurances that success is guaranteed.

Example: "I believe anyone can do it. My best testimony is the amazing feedback from the Twitter community."


#6 Add a Sense of Urgency

Use emotions & scarcity to create a sense of urgency.

Example: "Life is too short for us not to grow & make the best of it. I aspire to live in a better world, where each of us is helping others grow."


#7 Present Your Call to Action

Example: "Please join me in my mission to spread this message. Forward it to others to help them grow"


TLDR; How to Write Copy That Sells:

Craft the hook.
Present the problem.
Tell your story.
Reveal the solution.
Stack social proof.
Add a sense of urgency.
Present your call to action.


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