Are You Making These Twitter Mistakes

Are You Making These Twitter Mistakes

Jul 09, 2023


A Newsletter is the Most Powerful Digital Asset Today

The social media landscape is scary.

Facebook/Meta just launched "Threads", a competitor that might just kill Twitter.

If you have an audience on social media, my advice would be to move them to your newsletter ASAP.

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Creating content on Twitter has truly changed my life.

However it was never easy starting out, I made so many mistakes.

Today I want to help you avoid 3 killer mistakes that can kill your progress ↓


⛔ Not using your tweets to test ideas

Imagine posting a tweet, that goes viral:

Today → 😃

Tomorrow → You forget all about it.

Here's what you should do instead:


✅ Use your Tweets & analytics to test ideas

The top 1% of creators use data to their advantage.

Treat every single tweet as an MVP:

If a tweet goes viral → expand it into a thread.
If a thread goes viral → expand it into a lead magnet.
If a lead magnet goes viral → expand it into a product.
→ Use data to win.


⛔ Incomplete tweets/reply

By this I mean:

  • Replying to a big account with: "I like what you said and I would add consistency".
  • Or in your threads: Communicating half of the idea in a tweet and the other half in another tweet
    Avoid this at all costs.


✅ Make every tweet stand on its own

You want each tweet to:

  • Communicate an idea on its own.
  • Be clear as a stand-alone tweet.
  • Can easily be retweeted.

Here's an example:


⛔ Self-retweeting all your tweets

I see a ton of people on Twitter re-tweeting every single tweet they publish.

Retweeting your own tweets might give you extra reach in the short term.


✅ Use these two self-retweet rules

You want to:

  • Limit your self-retweets to 25% of your tweets.
  • Only retweet tweets that are getting traction/high engagement.


Pro tip: You can use tools like Hypefury to automate self-retweets.


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