7 Types of Content to Attract True Fans

7 Types of Content to Attract True Fans

Jun 03, 2023

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The internet, specifically social media leveled the playing field.

Anyone with an internet connection can build a following and eventually a media empire.

Today, I'm going to help you go from zero to content ideas everywhere.

The catch is: to succeed at attracting fans, you must understand these types of content:


Content type 1: This educates me

This is one of the greatest ways to establish yourself as an authority with your audience.

You can do it in two ways:

  1. Use your own experience in a certain field.
  2. Quote an expert in the field.

Below is an example of each:



Content type 2: This entertains me

Video works so well for this type of content as it's a light method of delivery. This type of content represents +80% of the content on platforms like:

  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • & Instagram


Content type 3: This makes me think

An immediate content that comes to mind with this one is Naval Ravikant's content.

If you're following Naval, you've experienced a moment of deep thinking right after reading one of his Tweets. This experience is the cornerstone of Naval's Personal Monopoly.


Content type 4: This solves my problem

Ever wonder why Twitter threads on Excel sheets or Chrome extensions go viral all the time?

It's simple, this content solves an everyday problem for a lot of people.


Content type 5: This makes me feel special

To explain this, Imagine the following journey:

  1. Painting an unrealistic but badass expectation of a super employee.
  2. Followed by, sharing the extreme opposite of it (bad employee).
  3. Then, elegantly indicating that this bad employee is all of us.

Justin Welsh mastered this formula in this post and got rewarded with +3,000,000 impressions on LinkedIn.


Content type 6: This resonates with me

This type of content is my favorite, find something that resonates with people and use it to your advantage, just make sure you follow these tips:

  • Use a new angle AKA don't state the obvious.
  • Try to create a villain that you want to beat.


Content type 7: This makes me money

Let's face it we're all motivated by money and the possibilities it can bring to our lives.

This essential need is what drives this type of content to resonate with multiple personas.

Here are some examples of creators using this type of content:

  1. JK Molina
  2. Codie Sanchez
  3. Fiona | The Millennial Money Woman


Ask yourself: What types of content are you putting out there?




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