How to Build a Personal Monopoly

How to Build a Personal Monopoly

Jun 21, 2023

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The idea of building a personal monopoly was initially brought to the surface by David Perell

The goal is to be unique in your own way and make your audience say: "I've never met someone like this in my life".

You might be thinking: "Sounds nice, but how can I create my personal monopoly?"

Not to worry, next, you'll see how you can build yours following these 4-simple steps:


#1 Find your Affinity

Affinity? What does it even mean? 

Think of what you're passionate about. Find topics and ideas that:

  • Get you excited every morning.
  • Feels like fun instead of work.

 Don't follow trends, follow your passion instead.


#2 Identify your Ability

Your abilities and skills define your value to others. It usually follows this equation:

Ability = Creations = Value = $$$

Follow these 4 simple steps to identify your abilities/skills:

  1. List down your skills.
  2. Ask people close to you.
  3. Find the interesting between 1 & 2.
  4. Stack your abilities to create your superpowers.

 #3 Harness your Authenticity

Once you add your Authenticity into the mix, competition starts to fade away.

Authenticity has the power to:

  • Get others' attention.
  • Create a wide fan base.
  • & Make you a ton of $$$.

To be authentic, you need to figure out your 3Ps:

  1. Purpose: "Building a $1M one-person business".
  2. Promise: "Helping you build a one-person business".
  3. Personality: " Discipline, social & humble".

Communicate these without fail and it will turn you into an opportunities magnet.


#4 Use the power of Familiarity

If you reached this stage, you've already created a unique category of one

Now you just need to communicate your personal monopoly to the world by being familiar and memorable.

You can become memorable by:

  1. Identifying your unique angle.
  2. Communicating it every day without fail.


Here are some examples of a unique angle used by other creators:

JK Molina → Likes ain't cash.

Justin Welsh → Start a side hustle.

Dickie Bush  → Start writing online.

The Internet is designed to reward uniqueness. Use this to your advantage & build your Personal Monopoly starting today, you won't regret it.


TLDR; How to Build Your Personal Monopoly:

  1. Find your Affinity.

  2. Identify your Ability.

  3. Harness your Authenticity.

  4. Use the power of Familiarity.



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