Never run out of content ideas again

Never Run Out of Content Ideas Again

May 28, 2023


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Never Run Out of Content Ideas Again

Read time: 5 minutes.

I can't count the number of times people asked me this question: "Where do you find content ideas?"

Today, I'm going to help you go from zero to content ideas everywhere.

Let's dive in  ↓


#1 - Use your real life as inspiration

You might not realize this at the beginning, but if you take a deeper look at your day-to-day, you'll find various content ideas around you.

My niche is a one-person business, and guess what there are so many side hustles in real life around me.

→ Whether your niche is marketing, self-development, or fitness, observe your day-to-day interactions and learn to take note of them.

Here is an example:


#2: Fill your inbox with quality newsletters

You are what you consume and if you want to create A-class content, you'll have to read the work of the best in the game.

 I've listed a few of my favorites in different niches:

→ Find the best newsletters in your niche and join 2-3 newsletters, you can use your email or a service like Slick Inbox to join.


#3: Build in Public

Repeat after me: "I pledge to do shit others won't do!".

Building in public can be a game-changer for your content. It will help build authority and interest just by sharing what you are working on outside social media.

This can be:

  • A goal that you are working towards.
  • A side hustle/business that you are building.
  • Things you are doing that are interesting to others (reading, hobbies, etc).

→ Start doing interesting things outside social media and share your learnings/results with others.



 #4: Listen to the right podcasts

Podcasts are my favorite sources of inspiration, here are some of my few top recommendations:

→ Find 1-3 podcasts in your niche and listen to them whenever you are en route.


BONUS: Steal content ideas from your audience

Here's a secret 5-step process I use to ethically steal content ideas from my audience:

  1. Find a burning question 🔥 (ex: How do you make your first $1 online?).
  2. Post it as a question to your audience on how they did it.
  3. Watch answers come in (people love to share their success).
  4. Pick the best/most interesting answers.
  5. Use them to create content (newsletter, thread, LinkedIn post) - Just don't forget to credit the contributors.

It sounds crazy, but I did it and got rewarded with 386,000 impressions ↓



TLDR; How to never run out of content ideas ever again:

1. Use your real life as inspiration.
2. Fill your inbox with quality newsletters.
3. Build in public.
4. Listen to the right podcasts.
BONUS: Steal content ideas from your audience.



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